Professional services

Consulting and 24x7 support for Tarantool In-Memory Database

Picodata is looking for a solution engineer!

Who we are: we're the leading independent solution/support provider for Tarantool (c) database.

Our clients are top tier digital, telecom and retail businesses in Russia using Tarantool in mission-critical applications.

Who we look for:

Talented backend engineers and aspiring database experts.

  • You have at least a few years of experience with professional backend development in any of the mainstream languages (PHP, Python, Perl, Golang, Java or Lua)
  • Good written English skills.
  • You want to work with large clients on real-world enterprise applications.
  • Experience running database systems and good understanding of Linux concepts and internals is a great plus.

Tools: git, docker, docker-compose, ansible, consul, chef, reprepo/ mkrepo, perf/iotune/vmstat.

Fully remote position, full time contract.

Talented system software developer to work on Picodata Event Queue.

  • You are fluent in C or C++, with 5+ years of hands-on experience.
  • You can read and understand programs in Java programming language
  • You have Unix system programming skills.
  • You are familiar with classical algorithms and data structures.
  • You understand the principles of software-hardware interaction.
  • You have experience with creating a “soft” real-time system.
  • You have experience with any number of related system software projects (e.g. distributed systems, operating systems, Linux kernel, database internals, hypervisors, containers, compiler optimization, virtual environments).
  • You can fluently read and write English. Good spoken English is an advantage.

Tools: git, gcc/clang, cmake, wireshark, maven, gradle

Fully remote position, full time contract.

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