24×7 Support

Picodata clients enjoy all benefits of qualified technical support from our specialists in accordance with SLA regulations for response time and incident resolution.

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Smart Start

This offering includes services that allows you to quickly start a project using the Picodata product.

  • Recommendations on preparing the infrastructure, equipment sizing, configuration requirements management

  • Verification of dedicated infrastructure, issuing compliance and risks reports

  • Picodata software installation and maintenance. Setting up basic user roles and granting access rights

  • 32 hours of personal technical support for all things data management

  • Practical workshop on cluster maintenance for system administrators

  • Letter of confirmation that qualifies the system as being ready for technical servicing by our experts

DBA as a Service

We provide professional database administration service (DBA) that includes administering high-load critical systems at your request. Here is the list of typical tasks that we solve within this service:

  • Data back-up and restore
  • Proactive availability monitoring
  • Restoring of a cluster or cluster segments after a failure
  • Creating news users and assigning roles
  • Planned maintenance tasks
  • Resource management
  • Cluster monitoring, early issues detection and solving
  • Updating components of a cluster software stack
  • Implementing requests of cluster settings changes


At Picodata we provide unique expertise of deploying data solutions developed in-house by our high-profile specialists. We provide tutorials and training courses that help your company develop your own In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG) expertise. Currently the following courses are available:

Tarantool training course >

Training on application development for the Tarantool ecosystem >

Trainings schedule for 2024

Learn more and feel free to sign up by pinging us in our Telegram channel at @picodataru.

Turnkey solutions

We collaborate with our partners in IT integration business and work closely in many areas. That enables Picodata to provide reliable turnkey solutions that will help you eliminate the risks of embracing new technology and focus on business tasks. We are ready to strengthen your team at all stages of the project and take on the launch and maintenance of solutions in any environment.

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