Training of application development for the Picodata ecosystem course programme:

Session 1. Tarantool architecture

  1. Introduction to Tarantool: what is Tarantool, course overview, usage scenarios
  2. Single node Tarantool architecture
  3. Cooperative multitasking: concepts and implementation. Greenthreads in Tarantool, event loop in Tarantool
  4. Synchronous replication in Tarantool
  5. Setting up different replication types in Tarantool and running benchmarks

Session 2. Sharding in Tarantool. Vshard

  1. Sharding. Basics and concepts
  2. Getting used to VShard, the most common sharding tool for Tarantool
  3. Creating a simple application with VShard

Session 3. Clustering with Cartridge

  1. Clustering in Tarantool. Introduction to Cartridge
  2. Cartridge architecture. Strengths and weaknesses
  3. Conducting local development with Tarantool and Cartridge
  4. Creating an application with Tarantool Cartridge

Session 4. Tarantool and Rust

  1. How Tarantool and Rust relate to each other?
  2. Supported modules for Rust
  3. Benchmarking Lua vs Rust
  4. Writing in Rust for a Cartridge application