Argus: import users in Picodata from LDAP

Александр Толстой

Picodata developers are excited to roll out Argus, another small yet very handy utility to ease life of Picodata system administrators. Argus automates importing users and user groups from existing LDAP domains into Picodata. Argus is a robust command-line utility written in Rust that does the sync without any need of manual routine (you only have to fill in the config file to tell Argus how to connect to both ends).

Argus addresses a frequent demand from Picodata admins that need to keep internal Picodata users and roles in sync with those on the LDAP side. The tool is unidirectional in a way that it treats LDAP server setup as an upstream authority. Running Picodata Argus can be automated with tools like cron.

Also, in the near future we plan to post a demonstration video with more details of real life Argus use cases. Stay tuned!