Get to know Tarantool better — take the Picodata training course!

Александр Толстой

Picodata LLC has launched the new training course for anyone looking for more insight and better understanding of the Tarantool software. The course includes basics and getting started materials dedicated to Tarantool with a focus on the software platform. Take this course and acquire the unique experience in building and running software data clusters powered by Tarantool and deployed by Ansible. This course covers basic skills and targets operations and development teams that are getting started with the Tarantool platform.

Our training course is a valuable offering from Picodata that helps grow the Tarantool ecosystem. We empower our customers to further advance the expertise of their IT crews by sharing our knowledge with them. The authors and speakers of the training course are to a large extent the developers of Tarantool itself as well as they are the contributors of various Tarantool-based enterprise software solutions.