New Pogomole 0.2.0 library is out!

Александр Толстой

Picodata, the developer of the same-named distributed resident DBMS with plugin connectivity in Lua and Rust languages, announces the release of the Pogomole 0.2.0 library.

The Pogomole library is designed for logical replication of data from PostgreSQL to Picodata. This solution may be of interest to current and future customers who use PostgreSQL and are considering migrating data to Picodata.

Starting with the current version 0.2.0, the Pogomole library works exclusively with the forked version of Tarantool provided by Picodata.

The source code for the Pogomole 0.2.0 library is written in Rust and is available to view and download in Picodata’s GitLab repository.

To get access to the Pogomole 0.2.0 GitLab repository, use the feedback form on or write to Telegram chat @picodataru.

The developers of Picodata and Pogomole would welcome suggestions, comments and any other feedback!