Picodata 22.07.0 is out!

Александр Толстой

The Picodata development team is excited to announce the immediate availability of the new Picodata software release. This new version contains numerous improvements and original features for deploying and managing distributed data clusters based on the Tarantool database. Below is the list of the main features that we provide in this release:

  • Command line interface for cluster deployment.
  • Dynamic topology configuration, cluster scaling by launching more instances.
  • Support for setting the replication factor for the whole cluster.
  • Failure domains-aware replicasets composition.
  • Two kinds of storages:
    • based on Raft consensus algorithm (clusterwide),
    • based on Tarantool master-master async replication.
  • Graceful instance shutdown.
  • Automatic Raft group management (voters provision, Raft leader failover).
  • Dead instance rebootstrap without data loss.
  • Automatic peers discovery during initial cluster configuration.

Get a hand of our software by downloading the pre-built packages for supported Linux distributions at our downloads site at
Currently we ship packages for RHEL/CentOS 7-8, Ubuntu 20.04 and Alt Linux p9/p10.
You can find installation advisory as well as documentation for installing software, creating instances, cluster configuration and deployment at our dedicated documentation site at
Send your feedback and get in touch with Picodata developers in our Telegram channel at @picodataru