Picodata 24.2 is out!

Артур Сабиров

The Picodata development team is pleased to announce the release of Picodata 24.2, our core software product

Key feature — stored procedures implementation:

CREATE PROCEDURE my_proc(int, text)
AS $$
  INSERT INTO my_table VALUES($1, $2)

CALL my_proc(42, 'the answer');

SELECT * FROM my_table;

In addition:

  • RPC API has become the main communication interface in Picodata
  • All inter-instance communications now occur under pico_service built-in user
  • Password complexity requirements have tightened to comply with DBMS certification requirements

See the full list of changes in the CHANGELOG for this release

Get a hand on Picodata 24.2 by downloading the pre-built packages for supported Linux distributions in the download section at our site

You can find installation advisory as well as documentation for installing software, creating instances, cluster configuration and deployment at our dedicated documentation site

Send your feedback and get in touch with Picodata developers in our Telegram chat at @picodataen or @picodataru