Picodata goes open source!

Александр Толстой

The Picodata development team has recently made its main Git repositories entirely open and accessible without constraints. That means that you can immediately grab the source code of our software, explore and put it on test. We feel open and always welcome any third-party contribution as well as a feedback from running Picodata in test or production environment. Submit your merge requests without a doubt!

The source code of Picodata is hosted on our own web site at https://git.picodata.io. To see the available repositories as a list you may need to sign up.

In particular, we expose the following software repositories:

The main Picodata application

The SQL Broadcaster project (sbroad) for cluster-wide SQL support

Our in-house fork of the Tarantool database

The Tarantool-Rust module for the respective Rust crate

Send your feedback and get in touch with Picodata developers in our Telegram channel at @picodataru