Picodata training courses in 2024

Александр Толстой

Picodata announces the schedule of upcoming training courses in the year 2024. Our experts invite you to take part in our sessions for developing plug-ins in Rust for Picodata, and also in courses that will be covering various issues and use cases of running, maintaining and provisioning of Picodata and Tarantool data clusters. We plan to share our expertise and help you contribute to the emerging Picodata plug-ins ecosystem as well as proactively mitigate known shortcomings, eliminate bottlenecks and improve efficiency and reliability of your Picodata or Tarantool cluster.

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“Developing for Picodata” training courses in 2024:

08.02, 15.02, 22.02
08.05, 15.05, 22.05
08.08, 15.08, 22.08
08.11, 15.11, 22.11

“Maintaining Picodata” training courses in 2024:

21.021, 24.04, 11.09

1 already booked up.

The events are planned to take place as video conferences in Zoom. Actual time will be announced few hours prior to the start of the event (GMT+3). Submit for taking part in a training course of your choice by sending us an email:

See you soon!