Synapse: migrate your data from Oracle to PostgreSQL

Александр Толстой

Picodata developers are pleased to announce the first release of Synapse — our plugin to Picodata to help you migrate your data from Oracle to PostgreSQL.

The main concept of Synapse is to bridge the gap between a proprietary data cluster based on Oracle (such as Oracle Exadata) and an open source sharded PostgreSQL cluster. Synapse acts as a medium, an auxiliary translating layer in between the two clusters. Essentially, Synapse is a shared library used by a Picodata instance to act as such medium. You will need to set up the Xstream out API in the Oracle side, prepare the target tables on the PostgreSQL side, prepare the Synapse config to make ends meet, and it should work!

We have prepared a handy video demonstration about Synapse (initially named as Sisyphus) to help you get started:

A more detailed manual on using Synapse is available on the Picodata documentation site.

Send your feedback and get in touch with Picodata developers in our Telegram channel at @picodataru.