Picodata announces compatibility with Astra Linux SE

Александр Толстой

Picodata LLC and RusBitech-Astra LLC confirm operability and correctness of joint functioning of the operating system Astra Linux Special Edition RUSB.10015-01 (regular update 1.7) and Picodata 22.11 software.

The companies issued an official certificate of compatibility, which
confirms the correct operation of Picodata software on this OS.

cert_se17_rdy-13298.pdf (in Russian)

Picodata is a software for building professional data management systems. It provides a data storage system together with a development platform and a runtime for persistent applications written in Rust.

RusBITech-Astra LLC is engaged in development, production and distribution of domestic information protection means, including Astra Linux family of operating systems, as well as Brest virtualization software complex.