Tarantool Rust SDK 0.6.4 is out!

Александр Толстой

Picodata development team is pleased to announce the availability of the new Tarantool Rust SDK 0.6.4 version.

Tarantool Rust SDK is an important auxiliary software used to develop third-party Tarantool modules in the Rust programming language. We develop and maintain the API and optimize its usage in certain scenarios.

In the new 0.6.4 release we added the initial support for async/await, including such functions for fiber-style futures as fiber::block_onfiber::start_async and fiber::defer_async, several primitives for asynchronous communication between fibers, namely fiber::r#async::oneshot and fiber::r#async::watch, and also the new fiber::r#async::IntoTimeout function for setting the timeout.

We also simplified index and space creation thanks to space::Builder::format and index::Builder::parts, refined the update method usage for Space and Index structures by utilizing the new space::UpdateOps structure.

Meanwhile we fixed plenty shortcomings including missing enum variants in space::FieldTypeTarantoolErrorCode etc.

See the full list of changes in CHANGELOG.md.

Tarantool is a DBMS and computing platform that runs resident in RAM. This is a fast, reliable and highly scalable basis for building distributed systems with the business logic that the client needs. The Picodata software uses a revised and improved version of Tarantool to create storage clusters and run data processing applications written in Rust.